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Please feel free to explore the site and find out about Irene Cara and her new band Hot Caramel.

Be sure to check back frequently for news and updates because, as all her fans know, Irene never stops working.

In fact, you can listen to and buy her new double album “Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel” right here.

Irene Cara returns to the music
scene with a brand new band
and a brand new sound.

She is now embarking on a whole
new career as the leader of a group
of brilliant female musicians, song
writers, producers and singers,
aptly called “Hot Caramel”.

The group’s unique blend of Hip-Hop,
R&B, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Dance and
Soul, sets them apart from the barrage
of manufactured “girl groups” in
today’s music market.

Sprinkled with scrumptious ballads,
funky grooves and brilliant covers
of classic hits, the record is called:

“Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel”