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Being honored by the entertainment industry with an Academy Award, two Grammy’s, a Golden Globe, plus a nod from fans via a People’s Choice won all within the same year might, for some, be considered the pinnacle of a performer’s career.

For Actress / Dancer / Singer / Songwriter Irene Cara, who garnered all of these awards for co-writing and performing “What A Feeling”, the title song from the motion picture blockbuster “Flashdance”, it simply serves as an auspicious beginning to the productive years ahead! She won a Golden Globe Award as well as a nomination for Best Supporting Actress, a Peoples Choice Award, an Obie Award as a child for her work in theatre, an Image Award as well as countless other industry honors for outstanding actress, singer and composer. She remains a beloved icon for an entire generation and an inspiration to young performers all over the world.

The Back Story With Irene Cara Music Podcast Take a journey with Grammy and Oscar winning singer, actress and songwriter Irene Cara Music Podcast as she tells many interesting stories regarding the production and collaborations of her music.

Returning to Music with Irene Cara’s Music Podcast

Returning to the music scene with a brand new band and a brand new sound. Having made an indelible mark as a youngster in the 80’s with such worldwide hits as Fame and Flash dance…What a Feeling she has embarked on a whole new career as the leader of a group of brilliant female musicians, song writers, producers and singers aptly called Hot Caramel. The group’s unique blend of hip- pop/R&B/Rock/Jazz/Latin Dance and Soul, is sure to set them apart from the barrage of manufactured girl groups in today’s market. Sprinkled with scrumptious ballads, the record is simply called” Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel” and is available on I tunes as well as her website, Please checkout Irene Cara music podcast “The Back Story With Irene” on her you tube channel as well as all other podcast sites including Google play and itunes.

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