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Clearance Procedure for Use of Masters/Music

Please be advised that no uses of the master sound recordings and musical compositions owned or controlled by Irene Cara and her production and music publishing companies can be made by anyone until obtaining the prior written consent of Irene Cara, to be decided at her discretion.

As the initial step, the potential licensee is to submit a detailed description of the intended use, which shall include, at minimum, the following information:

  • Song/Master Title
  • Songwriter
  • Publisher
  • Featured Artist(s)
  • Timing and number of repeats of song in proposed use
  • Nature of proposed use (Film, TV, performance)
  • Proposed territory of use
  • Proposed term duration of use
  • Proposed media rights requested for use
  • List of any other music cleared for proposed use, if any
  • Name and address of Licensee

Further, before any such use shall be permitted, all of the terms of the license must be concluded in a written agreement signed by all of the parties and the agreed to licensing fees paid in full.

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