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Here is a remarkable photo taken by Irene while she was vacationing in Peru.

She is one of the three woman in the world known to have experienced the phenomenon they call the “White Star of Peru.”


On a visit to Amsterdam we saw so many beautiful waterways that weave through the city.

Boats can travel most anywhere.
This photo shows the canal by a lovely park.

We saw a lot of people relaxing at cafe’s along the waterways.

They have a lot of shopping areas with cobble stone streets and so many ways of getting around the city.

I saw some people playing on a giant chess set outside a cafe. It seems many are thinking about a next move.

During their day off, Irene and the rest of the Hot Caramel Girls enjoyed their day in one of Oslo’s famous parks.

A beautiful fountain located in the same park in Norway.

Norwegian fishing boats make for a scenic shot.

Audrey’s up on the roof enjoying a Norweigan dusk sky.

Reina takes in the vibrant energy of the city in downtown Oslo.