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Welcome to Irene Cara's Film Career Page

Irene Cara in "Sparkle"





Produced way before “Dream Girls”, the film, "Sparkle", is a period drama that takes place in Harlem during the sixties and follows the rise of the three sisters to stardom as a singing girl group.

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Cara was a minor and still in school when she landed
the role. She would have to have four hours of
academic classesbefore she could be filmed and
her mother had to be present on the set at all times!!
Irene Cara singing in "Sparkle"
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Irene Cara in "Sparkle"

The music was written and produced by the late
Curtis Mayfield. Although the actual soundtrack of
the film was never released, soul great Aretha Franklin
would later put out an album of the “Sparkle” songs.

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Cara co-starred with Diahann Carroll and Rosalind Cash as
the youngest sister in this made for television movie of the week called "Sister, Sister." The movie co-starred such
revered actors as Paul Winfield and Dick Anthony Williams.
The dramatic storyline dealt with family relations and the struggle for each sister to find their own individual happiness.
Irene Cara in "Sister, Sister"
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Irene Cara singing at the 1985 Academy Awards

Irene Cara’s live performance of an original song
written especially for the telecast during the 1985
Academy Awards Ceremony.

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It was a tribute to all of the great movies, past to present
that had been nominated for “Best Picture” but never won.
Irene Cara sings a tribute to all the great movies nominated for Best Picture but never won
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Irene Cara and Lee Curreri in "Fame"

Lee Curreri’s character, Bruno, is smitten with Coco in this quiet moment after she finishes the classic ballad. Although their underlying attraction is never fully explored in the storyline, their collaboration and affection for each other comes through in the film. Their characters would also go on to produce the song “Fame” in the movie which was the other Oscar nominated song that eventually ended up winning in the Best Original Song category.

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Cara portrays a speak-easy night club singer during Prohibition. The movie “City Heat” starred Clint
Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Richard Roundtree.
Irene Cara sings in "City Heat"
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Irene Cara at the Oscars in a gown designed by Bill Whitten

Her gown was designed by Lionel Ritchie’s
personal fashion designer Bill Whitten.