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Irene in Sparkle

Irene's scrapbook is filled
with photos from the
making of "Sparkle".




Throughout her career, Irene's acting and music have often overlapped. She's had an opportunity to meet and work with some of entertainments greatest pioneers and icons as well as her own personal heroes. Here we have included photos, some from Irene's own personal scrapbook, that highlight her incredible journey.
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Irene in Sparkle Irene in Sparkle Irene in Sparkle
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Irene in Sparkle Irene with Mary Alice

The opportunity to work with the legendary Mary Alice was quite an amazing experience for the young Irene.

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In his directorial debut, Sam O'Steen was a
"truly wonderful man." Known throughout
the industry for his work as an Editor, winning
Oscars for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?",
"Chinatown" and "Silkwood", Sparkle was the
only feature length, theatrical film that he
directed in his storied career.

Irene with Sam Osteen
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Irene dancing with Lee Curreri in Fame

Irene with Lee Curreri on the set of "Fame".

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In 1993 Irene was the voice of Snow White in the
continuation of the classic story called, "Happily
Ever After". The animated film featured such
legendary stars as Phyllis Diller, Zsa Zsa Gabor,
Ed Asner and Tracey Ullman

Irene as voice of Snow White
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Irene Cara in Jesus Christ Superstar as Mary Magdalene

Irene played Mary Magdalene in a touring production of
"Jesus Christ Superstar".

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A rare promotional photo by famed photographer
Harry Langdon.
Irene Carqa shot by Harry Langdon photo
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Irene Cara in Ain't Misbehavin

The original cast of "Ain't Misbehavin" with Armelia McQueen, Nell Cater and Irene Cara.

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Irene with her parents, Gaspar and Louise and good friend, songwriter Bruce Roberts. Irene Cara with parents Gaspar and Louise
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Irene Cara with Kevin Hooks in Aaron Loves Angela

A promotional shot from "Aaron Loves Angela" with its young stars, Kevin Hooks and Irene Cara.

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Irene poses with the legendary Telly Savalas.

"Who loves ya, Baby?"

Irene Cara and Telly Savalas
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Irene Cara in photo taken by Philip Michael Thomas

Irene in a photo taken by her "Sparkle" costar, Philip Michael Thomas.

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Irene with Maureen Teefy and Lee Curreri on
the cover of Rolling Stone's College Papers.
Irene Cara, Maureen Teefy, Lee Curreri on the cover of Rolling Stone's College Papers
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TV Guide- Roots - the Next Generation

TV Guide - "Roots, the Next Generation".