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Irene Cara, Joyce Kennedy, Wanda Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King, Charloe Crossley, Syritta Wright

From left to right: Irene Cara, Joyce
Kennedy (Mother's Finest), Wanda
Vaughn (The Emotions), Bonnie Raitt,
Carole King, Charloe Crossley (The
Harlettes), Syritta Wright (songwriter).

Throughout her career, Irene's acting and music have often overlapped. She's had an opportunity to meet and work with some of entertainment's greatest pioneers and icons as well as her own personal heroes. Here we have included photos, some from Irene's own personal scrapbook, that highlight her incredible journey.
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Here is a candid shot of Irene with David Lasley. David is a
renowned vocalist who has sung background vocals for many
great recording artists including James Taylor. You can hear
David on most of Mr. Taylor's biggest recording hits

Irene and David Lasley
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Irene Cara and Ray Charles

Irene is all smiles backstage
with superstar Ray Charles.


Here she sings and performs
at the piano at NYC's famous Carnegie Hall where she
opened for Mr. Charles.
Irene Cara at Carnegie hall
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Here, the legendary R&B singer/songwriter
Luther Vandross, who was Irene's beloved friend
and mentor, arranges the vocals on one of her tracks.
Luther Vandross
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Irene Cara and Burt Reynolds

Irene had fun working with
Burt Reynolds and Clint
Eastwood on "City Heat".

Irene Cara and Clint Eastwood
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Irene Cara Nad Stan Shaw

These shots of Irene and actor Stan Shaw depict them on the set of "Roots - The Next Generation". Irene played Mr. Shaw's daughter which was so much fun for them both being that they had been friends since Irene was a child!

Irene Cara and Stan Shaw in Roots The Next Generation
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Irene Cara and Henry Fonda

Working on "Roots - The Next Generation" also gave Irene the opportunity to work with acting legend,
Henry Fonda as seen in this photo from her
personal collection.

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A legendary shot of Irene as a young
Bertha Haley, who would go on to be
Alex Haley's mother in the groundbreaking
mini-series "Roots: The Next Generation."
Irene Cara playing Bertha Haley in Roots 2
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Irene Cara in The Wiz

Here, a very young Irene performs in a touring production of "The Wiz".

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In October 2005, Irene was honored at the Fort Lauderdale
Film Festival along with legendary Director Arthur Penn, Producer Tom Pollock, and Director Michael Moore.
Here she is with news anchor Lonnie Quinn who
interviewed her for South Florida Today. "
Irene Cara and Lonnie Quinn
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Irene in the Medgar Evers Story

It was a great honor for Irene to portray Myrlie Evers
(seated) in the PBS drama "For Us The Living: The
Medger Evers Story" along side the great Howard
Rollins (as Medger Evers). For Irene, the opportunity
to meet such pioneers throughout her career has
continued to inspire her in all aspects of her work.

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In another photo right out of the scrap book,
Irene acts with Richard Roundtree. Always
the ingenue and a testament to her ageless
beauty, Irene portrayed Roundtree's girlfriend
in "City Heat". A decade later she would be cast
as his daughter in an Aaron Spelling TV pilot.
Irene Cara with Richard Roundtree
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Irene Cara on the cover of Jet Magazine

Irene has appeared on dozens of magazine covers both as an individual artist and with fellow cast mates like in this cover with Diahann Carroll and Rosalind Cash from "Sister, Sister", written by Maya Angelou, for which Irene won an NAACP Image Award
for Best Supporting Actress.

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1985's "Certain Fury" matched Irene
up with Tatum O'Neal and was directed
by Stephen Gyllenhaal, father of
Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Irene Cara in Certain Fury
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Irene performs at the Oscar's

Although Irene has won an Oscar for Best Original
Song, "Flashdance...What a Feeling", on this night
she performed to a video montage featuring wonderful
films that surprisingly did not win Best Picture.